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Working Papers and work in progress

Propaganda and Protest (with Nick Cruz)

Subnational Elections, Media Freedom, and Regime Resilience in Autocracies (with Jun Hyeok Jang)

When “Fake News” Becomes Real (with Chengli Wang)

Championing Democracy in an Authoritarian Society

(Implicit) Political Trust in China (with Chanita Intawan and Steve Nicholson)

Regime Competence and Media Freedom in Non-Democracies (with Yao-Yuan Yeh)

Scalable Walls: A Theory of Information Censorship

Who Distrusts Official Information in an Authoritarian Society?

Public Writings

Pay for your Facebook posts?The Economic Times. February 13, 2019.

"In China, rumors are flying about David Dao's alleged $140 million settlement from United Airlines." The Monkey Cage,Washington Post. May 10, 2017.

"What a Tragic Traffic Incident Says About Chinese Social Ethics." Sixth Tone. June 16, 2017.